Technical Meeting and Luncheon Tuesday 10/10/2017

The October SWLGS speaker is Tim Bennett with a talk entitled “Foundered Shelf Edges; Seismic Expression of a Frio Example, Louisiana”. The luncheon starts on Tuesday 10/10/2017 at 11.30 am in the Petroleum Club of Lafayette. We hope to see everyone there!

Foundered shelf edges are a geomorphic event that can be sudden in occurrence. They are a result of a rapid shifting of the shelf edge landward. This shift of the shelf edge is a result of a mass wasting of the prior shelf and erosion of underling deposits. Various geologic features are formed with the failure of the shelf into deeper water. These include slump blocks, ramping and erosion. This new mini basin then results in an accommodation space that is filled with slope fans, proximal shore face grain stones and prograding wedges. Capping the sequence is a highstand deposit that is more regional in extent.
Download full abstract here: Abstract Foundered Shelf Edges Bennett SWLGS October 2017

Speaker bio Tim Bennett:


I am a working exploration geologist with 35+ years on the trail. My geologic curiosity began in New Jersey, receiving a BS in Earth Science from Farleigh Dickinson Univ. and then an MS in Geology/Geophysics from Wright State Univ. in Dayton, OH. My work experiences include Union Oil Company for 20+ years, then Independent when oil hit $12.50 back in ’98. I have consulted for numerous companies as an independent since then. Among them I spent six years with Fife Oil Co. and ten years with Orbit Energy, Inc.
My exploration history has focused on the Louisiana Gulf Coast, from the Glenn Rose reef trend to offshore’s deep water Paleogene. I have focused on seismic stratigraphy these last few years with a very large 3D data base I have been fortuned to have at my disposal. I have made numerous presentations of my discoveries and analyses to the geologic societies.
I have been very lucky to be able to give back to the community of future earth scientists. I have had the pleasure of 33 graduate student interns from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette come through my shop over the last eleven years. I am proud to say, most of them are gainfully employed.


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