Technical Meeting and Luncheon, Tuesday May 8th

The May SWLGS speaker is Harry Whitlow with a talk entitled “Frontier research at the Louisiana Accelerator Center:
present and future plans”. The luncheon starts on Tuesday 5/8/18 at 11.30 am in the Petroleum Club of Lafayette. Thanks for coming out!

Abstract: The Louisiana Accelerator Center (LAC) is a University Center within the Materials Research
Institute. The Centre is operates a 1.7 MV Pelletron Accelerator which focuses on to materials
research. The purpose of the presentation is to alert practicing geologists, researchers and students of
the work that is ongoing at LAC and future possibilities for investigations and research.
In the rst part of the presentation the tools and methods currently available at LAC are
outlined. These include (i) a MeV ion microprobe, (iii) a system for irradiation with ultra-low
fuxes of protons to simulate the radiation doses that are encountered space travel in Low Earth
orbit and interplanetary missions as well as proton beam cancer therapy and (iii) a system for
high flux irradiation that can be used to simulate exposure of materials to radiation from NORM
(naturally occurring radioactive materials).
The next part of the presentation will discuss some recent work on using the MeV ion microprobe
to identify different phases in metal alloys and rocks by a colocalization technique by using mercury
pathways in dental amalgams and a piece of drill core (provenance unknown) to develop the method.
The nal part will outline new tools that are planed including a unique MeV-SIMS microscope
that can will open unique possibilities for quantitative mapping of speci c inorganic and organic
molecules in geological samples.


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