November Newsletter

Hello Everybody, with the outside temperatures becoming bearable, the economy apparently in full swing, the oil price at around $60-$70, the hurricane season almost behind us, and the mid-term election over ā€“ it seems like a great winter is ahead of us!

At the university yet another semester is coming to an end. I am currently teaching a class in Historical Geology and have just started discussing dinosaurs, which means that after their extinction only 66 Million years will be left to talk about ā€“ very little on the geological time scale. After having gone through the evolution of our planet through the past 4.6 billion years, it is always a great point of frustration not to be able to see how the story continues until our sun runs out of fuel in about 5 billion years.

Now that the 2018 GCAGS convention just ended, the call for oral and poster abstracts for the 2019 convention in Houston (10/23-10/25/2019) has opened and abstracts are accepted until March 4, 2019 (

In addition to our regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday November 13, in which Barry Gidman will give a talk about shales, we have a second talk scheduled this month in conjunction with the UL Lafayette SEG student chapter on Friday November 30 at 1 pm at the University (Hamilton Hall auditorium 108). The speaker will be the 2018 North America Honorary Lecturer, Dr. Christine Krohn, with a talk about the fidelity of land seismic data. Since the University is closed after 1 pm on Fridays, parking on campus should not pose any problem. We will send out a reminder as time gets closer.

Finally, I would like to encourage everybody to actively participate in our society, come to our luncheon meetings, volunteer for office, help funding student lunches, or help with ideas for speakers, or short courses. We also would like to increase student participation in our meetings, but without sponsorship our finances do not allow for the support of reasonably-priced student lunches.

See you at the meeting!


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