TECHNICAL MEETING AND LUNCHEON: Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Where: Petroleum Club of Lafayette

When: 11:30am

Lunch: $20.00 for members

** Bring your 2016-2017 Member Dues!!!**

Luncheon Talks:

True Depth Processing

By: Thomas Charlton

TruDepth is Geotrace’s (Stein et al 2013, Hellman et al 2015) new workflow incorporating anisotropic technology that harnesses the power of Kirchhoff prestack depth migration (KPSDM) and true depthing into one single tool. This methodology derives and then uses the anisotropic parameters δ & ε using prior information including wells, tops and VSP’s to produce depth corrected seismic volumes that are not just structurally accurate but they match the geological tops coming from the wells.

Case histories with examples will be presented.

True depth achieved using anisotropic depth migration (2013), J. A. Stein, K. Hellman, S. Boyer and T. Charlton, First Break 31, 10.

Single Pass Multilayer Determination of Anisotropic Velocity Models with Well Constraints (2015), K. J. Hellman, J. A. Stein, T. H. Charlton and S.T. Boyer, 77th EAGE Conference


Speaker Bio:                                          

                                                               Thomas Charlton 
Present Position:                  General Manager Land Processing
Education/Qualifications:   University of Calgary & University of Iowa
Experience:                           Joined Geotrace in 2010 with 21 years industry experience


Tom processes both 2D and 3D datasets, specializing in structured land surveys with noise and static issues.  Since 1994 he has supervised processing groups in Nigeria, Mexico and Canada. He has been responsible for all aspects of data processing including designing AVO compliant run streams for both land and marine surveys.  He has considerable experience in dealing with data from Europe, Africa, and the Americas as well as in reflection/refraction statics computations and pre-stack/post-stack time migration processes.  Tom is a member of both the CSEG and the SEG.

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