Unless otherwise indicated, Luncheon Talks are held at The Petroleum Club of Lafayette.

[-] 2016

Date Speaker Title
January 2016 Carl Fiduk Development and distribution of Salt Keels in the Deepwater Northern Gulf of Mexico
February 2016 Juan Lorenzo Soil-type estimation beneath a coastal protection levee, using resistivity and shear wave velocity.
March 2016  Barney Issen  Technology and Innovation are the Engines that Create Exploration Opportunities: Examples from the Deep Water Gulf of Mexico
April 2016  Steve Anderson  A Case History of Andrews Field, Louisiana
May 2016  Denes Vigh Detailed Velocity Model Building with Full Waveform Inversion
June and July 2016 No meetings
August 2016
September 2016  Thomas Charlton True Depth Processing
October 2016  Doug Paul Seismic-Based Porosity Prediction in the Silurian Niagaran Formation Reefs of Northern Michigan: An Integrated Case Study
November 2016
December 2016

[-] 2015

Date Speaker Title
January 2015 Dr. Joshua Richardson

Villarrica Volcano:
Using Seismic and Infrasonic Observations as a Lava Lake Altimeter

February 2015 David Connolly Detecting Hydrocarbon Expulsion from Source rock in Seismic Data: Case Studies from Offshore, Namibia and the Gulf of Mexico Shelf
March 2015
April 2015  Alan Huffman  Recent Advances in Pore Pressure Prediction in Complex Geologic Environments
May 2015  Mark Bauer  Subduction geometry of the Yakutat Terrane, SE Alaska
June and July 2015 No meetings
August 2015
September 2015  Dan Whitmore  Concepts and applications of imaging with multiples and primaries
October 2015  Morgan Brown   Opening the Black Box of Anisotropic Seismic Processing
November 2015  Pedro Alvarez  Multi-Attribute Rotation Scheme (MARS) – A tool for reservoir property prediction from seismic inversion attributes.
December 2015 Jacob Anderson  Light Hydrocarbon Geochemical Changes during Migration through Overburden

[-] 2014

Date Speaker Title
January 2014
February 2014
March 2014 Donald Clarke Hydraulic Fracturing and earthquakes: ethically, how do we move forward and do the right thing?
April 2014  
May 2014
June and July 2014
August 2014
September 2014 Dr. Michael Kemper  Introducing Ji-Fi: A New State of the Art Seismic Inversion System
October 2014  Dr. Gabrielle Morra  Subduction, Megathrusts and Underwater Landslides: What the 2011 Japanese Tsunami has Taught Us on Tsunami Hazard
November 2014 Dave Fugitt AND Robert Woock Getting the Last Few Drops out of a Large Oil Reservoir in South Timbalier 52 Field Gulf of Mexico AND Interpretation Visualization in the Petroleum Industry – Research in Halokinetics through new visualization tools and techniques 
December 2014  Tad Smith  The Effective Use of Log Data for Seismic Analysis

[-] 2013

Date Speaker Title
January 2013 Morgan Brown Wave Imaging Technology, Houston, TX and Denver, CO Prestack Depth Migration for “Easy” Onshore Plays?
February 2013 Gerard T. Schuster , SEG 2013 Spring Distinguished Lecturer Seismic Interferometry and Beyond – Harvesting Signal from Coherent Noise
March 2013 Ed Haire INEXS, Houston, TX Continuing Insights into Structure and Stratigraphy of the Onshore Gulf Basin from Pre-Stack Depth Imaging of Mega-Regional Strike Lines from South Texas to the Florida Panhandle
April 2013 Norman S. Neidell Unconventional Seismic Imaging of Unconventional Reservoirs – Direct Fracture Imaging using Holography
May 2013
June and July 2013 No meetings
August 2013 Dr. Moldoveanu, SEG 2013 North America Honorary Lecturer
September 2013 LGS Ice Breaker BBQ
October 2013
November 2013 Steve McIntosh, FairfieldNodal Sugarland, TX Ocean Bottom Node Seismic Acquisition
December 2013


[-] 2012

Date Speaker Title
January 2012 Nick Moldoneanu
WesternGeco Geosolutions
Multivessel Coil shooting towed-streamer acquisition for subsalt exploration
February 2012 Galen Treadgold
Weinman GeoScience
Seismic and Microseismic in Unconventional Resource Evaluation
March 2012 Gary L. Kinsland
University of Louisiana at Lafayette
LIDAR of the Prairie Complex
April 2012 Walter S. Kiefer
Lunar and Planetary Institute, Houston, TX
Using Gravity Observations to Explore the Structure of Volcanic Fields on the Moon
May through August 2012 No meetings
September 18, 2012 Erik Scott
Marathon Oil Company, Houston, TX
Effect of the K/Pg boundary Chicxulub impact on the northern Gulf of Mexico
October 15, 2012 Manika Prasad
Colorado School of Mines, Golden, CO
Shales and imposters: understanding shales, organics and self resourcing rocks
November 12, 2012 Jeffrey A. Nunn
Louisiana State University
Sinkhole in Assumption Parish: A geophysicist’s interpretation of the data
December 11, 2012 Brooks B. Ellwood
Louisiana State University
Revisiting the Classic Eocene-Oligocene Exposures in the SE US: Stratigraphic Analyses


[-] 2011

Date Speaker Title
January 2011 James H. Crane and Don Sobba
Badger Oil
HI A309 Late Field Development
February 2011 Alvaro Chaveste
Geokinetics, Inc.
Risk reduction in the determination of fractures’ density and orientation through azimuthal processing and interpretation of seismic data
March 2011 James E. Pickard
Stone Energy
The School of Experience is the best teacher. Unfortunately, its graduates are too old to work
April 2011 James Lindsay
University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Electromagnetic Characterization of Gas Hydrates
Nick Whitcomb
University of Louisiana at Lafayette
The Boquillas Transgressive Systems Tract in Val Verde and Terrell Counties, Texas: Outcrop Analog for the Oil and Gas Productive Eagle Ford of South Texas
May 2011 Mike Cornyn
Stone Energy
Caesar Prospect, SAAM and the March Towards Geophysical Excellence
September 2011 Coerte Voorhies
TerraSpark Geosciences
Insight Earth® “True Volume” 3D Seismic Interpretation
A Revolution in Structural and Stratigraphic Interpretation Workflows
October 2011 Daniel Lanier
Geoscience Earth and Marine Services
Marine Engineering Geology
November 2011 Alan Cohen
Geoscience Consultant
Recent Advances in Rock Physics – A Report from the First International Workshop on Rock Physics (11WRP), Colorado School of Mines, August 2011
December 2011 Charles J. “C.J.” Christ based on his book “World War II in the Gulf of Mexico”


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