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SWLGS Luncheon Topic

February, 2004

AVO - For Fun? or For Profit?
Jim Applegate, Applegate Exploration, LLC, Lafayette, LA

Abstract Summary: AVO has proven to be a useful toolbox. But, it has not proven to be the magic bullet which we are all seeking. For the successes, we can all point to a number of failures. Unfortunately, some of them may be ours

In many cases, small companies and independents have been unable to take advantage of AVO technology for several reasons including access to data (either gathers, offset volumes, or computer products). When the data is available, they often have neither the time, knowledge or experience to optimally apply the technique. In this presentation we review the technique, catalog potential pitfalls, and assess how small companies, in particular, may apply the technique.

With these thoughts in mind, we want to answer four questions-
Why does AVO work?
Why doesn't AVO work?
What can we do to use it more successfully?
What new techniques are going to improve the use of AVO?

Biographical Sketch: Jim Applegate received the degrees of Geophysical Engineer and MS (Geophysical Engineering) from Colorado School of Mines. He worked for Marathon Oil before returning to Mines for a PhD in geophysical engineering. Since completing the PhD, he has split his time between academia and industry. His academic experience includes Boise State University-Head of Geology and Geophysics, Founder of geophysics program; Colorado School of Mines-first Director of the Exploration Reseach Lab; University of Adelaide-NCPGG, first Professor of Petroleum Geophysics in Australia; and ULL-Director of Energy Institute. He has worked internationally and domestically as a consultant, independent explorationist and operator, staff geophysicist, manager of exploration and production, and short course presenter for a variety of companies. Like many of us, he has worked for several companies whose names have vanished from the industry- Geophysical Service, Inc.; Atlantic Refining Company; and Standard Oil Company of California-WOI. He has been active in professional societies (SEG, AAPG, EAGE, Denver Geophysical Society, Geophysical Society of Houston, SIPES, Australian Society of Exploration Geophysicists, SPWLA, Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia, Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists, Dharan Geolocial Society, SWLGS, and LGS). He has served as an officer and/or committe chairman in a number of these organizations. He also has been President and Board Member of Colorado School of Mines Alumni Association, and a Director and officer of Colorado School of Mines Foundation. He is an Honorary Member of CSM Alumni Association, won the SEG Best Presentation Award, and received multiple outstanding teacher awards. He currently operates Applegate Exploration, LLC, providing geophysical consulting services and developing his own plays. In the last year, he has been active as a consultant working GOM and offshore China plays, and as an independent developed and sold onshore south Louisiana prospects, sold a 20-year-old Rockies play, and is developing a 1.8 million acre CBM concession in Australia.

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