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 Sep. 30, 2008

Sept. 30, 2008

Wave Equation Imaging Technologies Around Salt...There's More Than Just Migration.

Morgan Brown, Wave Imaging Technology Inc.


Abstract Summary

So-called “wave equation” prestack depth imaging techniques have demonstrated value over time migration and Kirchhoff-type prestack depth migration techniques in many basins, such as around and under salt in the Gulf of Mexico.  Unfortunately, if you ran wave equation migration and found it wasn't that silver bullet that the nice salesman said it would be .... you're not alone.  That same nice salesman is now telling you that wide azimuth seismic data is the next answer.  In this presentation we'll present technologies and ideas that we feel will aid in your decision-making and ultimately save you money.  The industry's ability to update the velocity below salt is nascent at best.  And without a good velocity field, the fanciest migration or wide azimuth data won't give a good sub-salt image.  We've developed a technique that directly converts wave equation time-shift gathers to a velocity update, and we'll present sub-salt velocity update examples on the BP velocity benchmark. 

Wide-azimuth? 3D VSP? OB/Nodes? These are promising but expensive technologies, so you need to think before you shoot!  We advocate generating full-azimuth synthetic seismic data with the full wide equation, then imaging the data, to most accurately stimulate the full physical experiment... at a fraction of the cost.  We'll motivate this concept with a variety of examples.


Biographical Sketch


Morgan Brown has worked in seismic depth imaging and velocity estimation for over 10 years, first as a research assistant at the Stanford Exploration Project, and later at Hess and 3DGeo.  In 2007 he joined industry veteran Joe Higginbotham as a partner in Wave Imaging Technology Inc., which specializes in wave equation depth imaging in tough areas around the world.