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Updated May 10, 2009

May 12, 2009

Landmark's New Depth Imaging Solutions


Dr. Nicholas G. K. Boyd III 

Abstract Summary

Many of today’s big plays , such as subsalt and tight  sand/ shale, require depth imaging to be conducted after conventional seismic  processing.   In complex geology, depth migration not only gives a sharper image, but also positions the reflectors correctly in space.   In some cases, pre-stack time migration yields a coherent image but with the event mis-positioned (especially those with a strong velocity contrasts).  There are known cases where reflectors dipping at 45 degrees are moved laterally as much as a ½ mile between time and depth images.  Proper depth imaging corrections can prevent your wells from being drilled in the wrong locations.


Landmark’s new depth imaging tools come from the result of the recent acquisition of Screen Imaging  Technology, Inc and provide powerful solutions for both pre/post survey forward modeling and illumination tools enable more sophisticated survey planning, which leads to better business justification and cost control of new survey prospects.  Post survey, these applications support the latest innovations in wide apperature geometry to define an accurate picture of the subsurface with better and faster depth imaging processing.  In summary, this presentation covers some of the advances in depth imaging that are now available to help you in your exploration and development efforts.




Biographical Sketch


Dr Nick Boyd has almost 30 years of experience in the oil and gas business.  After completing a bachelor’s degree at University of California at Berkley, Nick continued his education with a PhD from the University of Wyoming.  His dissertation on imaging the crustal structure of the Minnesota River Valley, coupled with his early experiences working in the field with Petty Ray Geophysical, positioned Dr Boyd’s career  in processing geophysics.  Working independently and most recently with Landmark, he has applied his expertise in such diverse geophysical analysis as AVO, seismic anisotropy, pore pressure prediction and enhanced pre-stack imaging.  Nick has also gained experience in the interpretation of deep basin gas plays with 3D visualization.  Dr Boyd has authored or co authored sixteen presentations and is recognized as an innovator and accomplished speaker on geophysical technologies that have application  in both exploration and development plays.