September 2011

Insight Earth®, “True Volume” 3D Seismic Interpretation, A Revolution in Structural and Stratigraphic Interpretation Workflows

Coerte Voorhies, III

Abstract Summary

To meet the demands in today’s industry for interpreting more data in more detail in less time, technologies have been developed to move 3-D interpretation from tools that support viewing the data in 3-D and interpreting it in 2-D to tools that enable data interpretation in 3-D – “True Volume” interpretation.

True Volume interpretation delivers fully integrated 3-D seismic visualization and interpretation at every step of the interpretation workflow. Enabling direct 3-D surface interpretation of all structural elements helps geoscientists work better and more efficiently. Through domain transformation, True Volume enables much more rapid and thorough recognition and interpretation of depositional systems and other stratigraphic features. As a result, it substantially reduces the cycle time of interpretation while improving the accuracy and detail of the final interpretation. All of the data volume is used to create complete 3-D surfaces that most accurately represent all of the geology represented in the 3-D seismic volume.

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